Doing fashion business requires you to ready showcasing the product continuously to show the customers how the products look like. The marketing way is by using live models. Live models help to give preview to the customers how they clothes will be look like when they are wearing and using it. However, live models can be too expensive for small or start-up business. Sometimes, scheduling for photographs with the models can be difficult that require lots of efforts. So, live modeling can be unreliable at times.

Here comes the marketing solution as an alternative for live models for those who run fashion business. The answer is mannequin models. It is a smart one-time investment that helps business to bring products to life in a more economical way. Yet, some fashion professionals don’t want to showcase the mannequin. They only want to show the products by making someone invisible wearing it. That is called as ghost mannequin.

Ghost mannequin has been one of effective marketing solutions, especially for those who run online e-commerce website. So, let’s find how ghost mannequin service will help your business to sell more products.

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How Ghost Mannequin Service Works?

Ghost mannequin service relies on photo editing software, for example Photoshop, to do an image manipulation. In the graphic world, this method requires digital and analog process. Basically, the service is a clipping path method that will remove the background, including the mannequin itself, from the images. So, that’s why the method is called as ghost mannequin. By removing the background, it will help to make the products clean as per you need.

You can start by putting the products on the mannequin, either neck or a joint mannequin. Then, capture the photos of mannequin in different ways including the back and front images of the garments product. Copy the photos in your computer. Open through photo editing software and remove the background. The editing services will include several things, including enhancing the colors of the products; fine-tuning its brightness and contrast; adjusting the white balance and coloring; highlight texture, fit and style; combining the front and back garment; removing the background, also the mannequin itself.

Actually, ghost mannequin is one of the most difficult photo editing processes. The editing process requires you to invest a quality amount of time to convert ordinary digital images into invisible mannequin images. You need to perform it very carefully to get the best result. Here, the help of professional photo editors who expert in ghost mannequin service will help to ease the job of fashion business. So, they can focus more on creating more products to sell to the customers than spending time to perform this editing task.

The Advantages Using Ghost Mannequin Service

Ghost mannequin is a big help especially for fashion retailers or owner of garment industries who run e-commerce website. Neck joint or ghost mannequin service gives more depth to the products. Professional photo editors use ghost mannequin method to showcase the products in an elegant manner. They will remove spots and other imperfections from original images of the products then make it look a lot more elegant.

Since the results come in high-quality images, you can display the products in more natural-looking ways. In this way, you can appeal the customers by giving an imperial look like they are wearing the clothes or accessories. When more targeted customers feel attracted to how the ghost mannequin works, it can help to increase the traffic on your online website. So, when there is an increase in traffic means it is a good sign for an increase in your sells, isn’t it?