How To: Remove Background in Photoshop

Sometimes you want to take the background out of your photos to be able to use your photo for the other purposes. Especially in the design world, this is something that you use very often!

How can you remove a background from photos?

A tool to remove the background from photos can be useful when you want to transform images creatively. This kind of apps helps you remove elements from an image and place them on a different background. Many of the beautiful advertising and advertising images could not have been created without removing backgrounds. Professional photographers often create an original image with a white background and then replace the white background with a different image. You can also cut the background with a different image. You can also cut out the background to remove unwanted details or people who accidentally ended up in your otherwise perfect photo.

Many people think that removing the background from an image is a difficult task, but in reality is not that difficult. We will show you 2 simple ways of the images background removal.

Before After

You will need a photo of a background that is either more blurred than the foreground or with other colors. Photoshop will try to think for itself what you want to select, and then it needs contrast.

Use the quick selction tool for this! You can find this link in your bar. If you do not see that, it might be under the magic wand. Then click with your right mouse button and select the quick selection brush. At the top you will see 3 signs, those are a brush with nothing, one with plus and one with a minus. If you want to select something, you need to click on the brush with the plus.

The quick selection tool works super simple!

Just drag a bit with your brush inside the subject, and see how Photoshop looks up the edges. For example, click on the line in the picture’s subjects such as a blue T-shirt or Black hair, or any object with the different color from the background, then the quick selection tool goes for the edges and will find a border and select it. If photoshop has selected too much, then select the brush with the minus to get something away.

But now you have selected the subject, while you have to choose the background if we want to remove them. So we have to reverse the selection! You do this by right-clicking on the selection and choosing ‘reverse selection’. Then, you will see that the whole background is selected, and the subject is not. Now you simply click on ‘delete’ on Windows and ‘backspace’ and proof away is your background!

Now you can do everything with it, such as using it on a poster, business card, a college, whatever you want. Of course, you can also go crazy and put an entirely different background in it, that can be especially useful with studio photo. For example, if you need a blue background cloth but you only have white, you can quickly adjust it in this way!