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Outsourcing Your Photo Editing? Here’s How to Find the Best Option

Some of people might think that every photographer must be the best photo editor. Well, that’s probably not true. Some photographers still find it’s difficult to skillfully editing their own photographs. At the same time, some other photographers are too busy, or even don’t enjoy, to even handling post-production work such as editing photos. They prefer to go to the studio or field, find more clients, or shoot additional sessions, not sitting in front of computer for hours.

So, outsourcing photo editing is the best solution for them. However, there are lots of professional photo editors out there. Do you know which one is reliable? Well, if you decide to outsource your photo editing work, here are some things to consider beforehand to help you get the best option.

What You Are Looking For?

What kind of photo-editing service you are looking for? Do you only want to remove background of your photos? Or, do you want other services such as clipping path, color change, or website image optimization service? As you decide the service you want to accomplish, it helps you to shorting down the list of potential candidates of photo-editing service providers. The reason, not all of those service providers are capable on providing a wide range of photo editing service. Some might only specialize in one specific industry such as high-end fashion apparel service. In other hand, there are some others are more broad. They are good in providing various kind of photo editing service, including for e-commerce. 

Furthermore, you should also think about the editing style that you want to accomplish. Well, this is quite important. Photo editing works consist of various types of editing style. You need to able telling the service company how to get the job done or what kind of result you are expecting. However, if you are still unsure about what kind of service or the look that you want, you can ask those potential candidates to share examples. They will professionally give you advice and sample of works to help bring you in a good direction.

Find Reliable Photo-Editing Service Provider

Everyone wants to find best of the best. So, if you want the best result, finding the most reliable photo editing service provider is what you need to do. You can start out with checking on customer reviews. Ensure the company has highly positive reviews from their previous clients. They should get a significant number of good reviews. If they have more than 80% of positive reviews, it means they are worth to put on the list.

Do this for all candidates you have been selected, even those highly recommended companies. You can check through their own website or other third party channels such as social media, Google, TrustPilot, or other trusted platforms. You can also try to search on Google such as type the company name plus “scam” or something like that. Some forums or other online communities might share their past experience about scams or poor experience of certain companies. It helps you to ensure the company you are going to choose is highly reliable one.

Look at Their Sample Works

Well, don’t expect the best result only from those photo-editing companies that have worked for years in this industry. You don’t know, maybe those who just starting up the business and still undiscovered by many are having great skills that you are looking for. So, looking at their sample works can help you to decide whether they are good in their work or not.

A good company should have a catalog for their sample works. The catalog should include before-and-after examples of work they’ve done for previous clients. So, you can determine their skills. Check out the catalog in their website help you to easily finding their work samples without spending time to ask one by one.

Consider Their Professionalism

There are different types of photo-editing service providers. You can find those from big companies to only a freelance photo editor, or even only a college student who want to find an experience. There are also providers from the overseas companies and the local one.

There are some considerations from each provider. For big companies, especially those from overseas, they are most likely professional and have high skills required. They can handle lots of editing requests and more likely to get a long contract with you. But, they tend to be a bit more expensive. So, they are worth when you really need to done an important job in tight deadline. Meanwhile, if only need a simple editing, interns or college students aren’t a bad choice. They are someone who eager for more experience. Although they are less knowledgeable and need more guidance but they charge you less.

Still, whatever type of providers you are going to choose, ensure to check on their professionalism to handle the works. Not only expect the result, but you also need to ensure how they seriously response to clients, how they edit the photos, and their turnaround time to meet the deadline.

Check on Their Security

You need to think about how the photo-editing service providers offer security for the clients’ works. You sometimes work with sensitive images that need secure protection. Ensure the company can keep those images safe, including the critical information in it. First, check on their quality certification from ISO 9001. You can also ask whether the company can submit a non-disclosure agreement. This is important to keep your reliability with your own clients.

Don’t Forget to Ask the Cost

Lastly, ensure to ask how much the cost for each photo editing task. Find the one that offer reasonable price for the editing job requested. You can shop around to compare prices between different companies.

Definitely, outsourcing photo editing will help to ease your job. You can focus more to meet the tight deadlines, grow your business, and save more expense for hiring an in-house editor. What you need to do is simply take note of those things mentioned above before outsourcing your work to photo-editing service. So, you can get the best photo editor that gives you amazing results as you wish.

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